Second Ad hoc Committee Meeting (AhCM) on the IORA Concord

As the follow up of the first Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting (AhCM) held in Bali-Indonesia in March 2016, the the Senior officials for IORA Concord from Member States met at Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on 24-25 May 2016 for the Second Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (AhCM) on the IORA Concord. The meeting chaired by Ambassador Eddy Pratomo, Special Envoy to the President of the Republic of Indonesia for Maritime Delimitation, as the Chair of AhCM. The meeting was also attended by the Secretary General of IORA, Ambassador Bhagirath.

The Second Ad Hoc Committee Meeting on the IORA Concord was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia with the support of the IORA Secretariat.

The meeting was dedicated to discuss two main documents, namely: the first Draft of IORA Concord, and the Draft of IORA Action Plan. During the two-day deliberation, officials have exchanged their views, observation, and ideas to improve the draft of both documents the IORA Concord, and the Action Plan within the spirit of IORA cooperation.

After lengthy and in depth discussion, Member States in principle agreed to keep the IORA Concord a concise document, but comprehensive, appealing to the Leaders, strategic and visionary. It should be a declaration of intents which focus on implementation. On Action Plan, it was stressed that it must be in line with the IORA Concord, targeted, doable and implementation oriented.

The programme for the Leaders’ Summit to be held in Indonesia on 2-7 May 2017 also received attention and further details on the same would be provided to Member States. The formal invitation by the Government of Indonesia to IORA leaders for the Summit would follow in due course

In his closing remarks, Ambassador Eddy Partamo thanked the IORA Member States for their valuable inputs and contribution on both the draft IORA Concord and the draft Action Plan. The third AhCM is scheduled to take place in Bali, back-to-back with the Council of Ministers from 24-27 October 2016.

IORA Secretariat 25 May 2016